Hardwood floors will last forever with proper care.


Jimmy Connor Hardwood Flooring uses the most advanced and durable commercial grade finish by Bona, so your hardwood floors are virtually maintenance free. Regular cleaning of your hardwood helps keep floors free of dirt, grit, food crumbs and dust, which are potentially damaging to wood floors.

Wood Floor Care

Hardwood flooring is an elegant addition to any home's decor and looks good in any room, large or small. Wood floors are simple to maintain and can add beauty and warmth to your home. Jimmy Connor Hardwood Flooring is the area's expert on helping you in choosing, installing, repairing and maintaining your hardwood floors to keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

Since hardwood flooring is all we do, you can be assured we are the best at it.


Water-Based and Oil Based Finishes are the most popular choice and involve applying a stain to achieve a particular color, followed by a top coat of polyurethane or varnish to give a protective coat. Surface finishes are durable, they resist moisture, and are easy to maintain.

Surface Finishes

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